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ADT MotionViewer - Wireless Video Intrusion Detection for your Home and Business
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Video Intrusion Detection – ADT MotionViewer


A true innovation combining video intrusion detection plus mobile GPRS alarm monitoring for homes & businesses.

Prevention against theft or burglary remains the most effective weapon against crime no matter how low it can be, the risk is always there.

For years conventional security alarm systems have been deployed. However, the technology encountered occasional difficulties resulting into a FALSE alarm. False alarms in the world represent a staggering 98% of such undesired occurrences. The impact is often unnecessary stress and anxiety for business and home owners before it can be determined whether is is a true or false alarm.

ADT MotionViewer solution is the most innovative video intrusion detection system integrating both digital motion sensor detection and video camera technologies in a simple battery operated device!

ADT MotionViewer incorporates Videofied (Video + Verification) solution in catering for video verification of intrusion alarms.

The Videofied solution eliminates continuous recording and provides “event-based video” of only the events triggered by motion sensors. When the sensors detect an intruder, a 10 second video clip is captured and sent to our ADT 24/7 Central monitoring station along with the alert. This video enables appropriate response for specific events and may produce as evidence to support police investigation and for insurance claims.

Totally Wireless and Portable

ADT MotionViewer is a totally wireless video security systems: self-powered cameras/sensors (P-Cam) communicating with the ADT 24/7 Central monitoring station over the GPRS cell network. This revolutionary technology brings video verification to nearly anywhere – regardless of AC power, communication lines or level of illumination. Installation is made easy, discreet and clean. This breakthrough makes portable video security a reality.

How ADT MotionViewer works?

Upon a break-in occurrence, the ADT MotionViewer will record 10 seconds of video and relay its video clip to our ADT 24/7 Central Monitoring Station. The video clip pop up will appear at the Monitoring Agents window to help describe the site situation captured for customers to better decide if the alarm is True or False.

Why you should get a ADT MotionViewer?

Immediate response to genuine intrusion.

Light speed response from the police is necessary. Unfortunately, intruders are well aware of the limitations by executing before the police arrive at the crime scene. The question then remains, who intruded to deprive you from your valuables? Is the individual outside or inside your circle of trust? With ADT MotionViewer, you get to see who did it!

Swift verification on false alarm.

The integrated motion sensor/camera (P-Cam) captures a 10 second video of WHAT caused the alarm. ADT 24/7 Central monitoring station receives the video clip and our Monitoring Agents verify swiftly whether the intrusion alarm is True or False.

Furthermore, a copy of the video will be sent to the owner's email account or can be viewed using their smart mobile phone!

100% wireless solution.

This integrated solution is also the first 100% completely wireless solution as it requires no telephone lines and no AC power! ADT MotionViewer uses GPRS mobile technology to relay all alarm events and videos and is powered by military graded batteries with autonomy of up to 4 years.

Respect of Privacy – built to protect against peeping.

ADT MotionViewer secures while respecting your privacy. The P-Cams housed in the motion sensors are solely activated upon detection of movement while under armed alarm condition.

The embedded cameras cannot be activated remotely or accessible by ADT Central Monitoring station.

Peace of mind – simplicity for highly sophisticated system.

No wiring, no power cords, no telephone line and no Internet configuration. Since all components are wireless, a standard configuration will take less than 1 hour to complete.

The P-Cams are also no bigger than a normal motion sensor and blend into their surroundings. ADT MotionViewer systems can be equipped with up to 24 wireless P-Cams. Because they are wireless, P-Cams can be quickly reconfigured or moved to address new threats or loss-prevention investigations

Already equipped with a security systems?
Enhance your existing blind security systems.

Give Law Enforcement what they need to respond with greater efficiency - video verification with your existing intrusion alarm. Maximize your investment in your current security infrastructure with ADT MotionViewer. The ADT MotionViewer Xtend version can enhance your existing security system.

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